Ldot is a web-based tool, designed to monitor the study logistics and guard the progress of your research project

As from february 19 2016, LOGIS is replaced by its newer version Ldot. All data was migrated to this new environment. Please update your browser favorites.

Ldot supports the study workflow by indicating which actions should be performed for which study subject at what time point. Ldot can be configured to give this information in different ways: as Email notifications, as action list and via a graphical calendar.

In Ldot identifiable data (e.g. personal details, contact details) can be stored. It does not support storage of research data in order to guarantee the anonymity of these data. TraIT offers OpenClinica for storage of research data and interoperability between Ldot and OpenClinica will be developed in 2015.

Especially in studies with a larger number of participants and/or studies with more complex or longitudinal schedules, Ldot can be of great help. Ldot is developed by MEMIC, center for data and information management of Maastricht University, and has proven its use over more than 10 years.

Ldot is free to use for all studies affiliated to CTMM-TraIT. The Study Builder, which is implemented in Ldot, allows investigators to design and build their own schedule.

Read more on the following presentation of Ldot.

Main Ldot features:

- Web based

- Customised entity detail management

- Multi centre support

- Multiple entities

- Several types of action lists

- Role based support (different views for different roles in study team)

- Action automation (batch email or SMS sending)

- Customised subject randomisation

- Real-time overview/reports

- Extended user management

- Timeline/calendar view

- Customised Loss to follow up management