Upload and de-identify study images via the ImageHub portal


Submitting sites have two options to upload images to BMIA (both NBIA and XNAT):

1. Install CTP software in the submitting site:

- The user puts the images in the local CTP folder.
- The CTP software de-identifies the data as defined for the study and submits the de-identified images to BMIA.

2. Use the web-based ImageHub:

- The user in the submitting site has access via his browser to the ImageHub.
- The user uploads the images to the ImageHub.
- The ImageHub de-identifies the data using the CTP-software and submits the de-identified images to BMIA.

In both scenarios the same de-identifying policy as defined by the principal investigator and the same de-identifying software (CTP) is used.

For the ImageHub, currently one patient at a time can be uploaded. Retrospective upload of many images is best performed by using option 1, namely a locally installed CTP. The ImageHub is of good option for prospective studies, that do not have to upload many images at the same time, and where a timely upload per patient is essential.


Please follow the Steps to get a study up and running in NBIA to implement ImageHub for your study.