Sustainable infrastructure for biomedical research


The Translational Research IT (TraIT) project is developing and implementing a long-lasting IT infrastructure for translational research projects in the Netherlands that facilitates the collection, storage, analysis, and archiving of  data generated in the biomedical research projects.

TraIT enables integration and querying of information across the four major domains of translational research: clinical, imaging, biobanking and experimental (any-omics) with a particular focus on the needs of multi-center projects.

Rather than embarking on major software development projects, TraIT has a clear preference for proven technology that can be adopted or adapted to the specific needs of translational research projects.

While still extending its services, TraIT already supports over 475 research projects spanning almost 4000 individual researchers.


For an in-depth overview of the TraIT project please check the CTMM-TraIT booklet.


A poster with more information over TraIT can be downloaded here.

Also, download here a leaflet on TraIT.


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